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I moved to the Bitterroot Valley from a fairly large town in Montana. Several years before I moved, I had a sleep study done. Even though they were available, I was given a CPAP machine that did not have Smartcard capabilities. Every six months I received a questionnaire asking the same questions. I was never called for a follow-up visit, no one ever checked my machine to be sure it was maintaining adequate pressure and when I felt I needed supplies, I would call them. I was never informed about anything new that was available. After my move, I was able to locate a good doctor. He referred me to Danielle for follow-up on my sleep apnea. He said there were others but, in his opinion, she was the best. I had a new sleep study done and Danielle made sure I received a CPAP machine with a  Smartcard so she could follow my progress. I either saw her personally or we talked on the phone each month. She checked to be sure the pressure in my CPAP machine was correct and that I was happy and doing well with the machine. There is always something new on the market that might be better and she keeps me informed. She has been the difference between night and day! Alice L, Stevensville
Alice L

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