“At a time when affordable healthcare
is more of a slogan than a reality,
RSS can help you breathe …”

About Respiratory & Sleep Solutions Clinic

Ask anyone dealing with respiratory and sleep issues—like sleep apnea—and they’ll tell you: those issues can be worrisome, frustrating and costly. Unfortunately, they affect the breathing of tens of millions of people, including many who don’t even know it.

Respiratory & Sleep Solutions Clinic (RSS), based in Missoula, MT, was founded to take on those three challenges: worry, frustration and cost.

Putting the Worry to Rest

Whether you’ve just received the news that you have a sleep disorder—or you’ve known it for years but never felt you had it fully under control—the best prescription is knowledge and education.

The staff at RSS takes great pride in being able to put prospective and existing patients and customers at ease. They help you understand:

  • How the different PAP therapies work to keep you breathing safely,
  • How to choose wisely among the various equipment options,
  • How to do cost-saving, in-home sleep tests with confidence, and
  • How to maintain your equipment in its peak condition.

On an ongoing basis, RSS educates you on:

  • How to stay compliant with your Obstructive Sleep Apnea treatment,
  • How to troubleshoot any problems you’re experiencing,
  • When to replace different elements,
  • And so much more.

After all, we’re talking about life-giving devices and therapies.

Ending the Frustration

The frustration of respiratory and sleep issues starts with “Why me?”

RSS doesn’t have the answer to that. But it does have answers to many of the other concerns you might have. You might be looking for someone who will communicate with you patiently, helping you through initial testing, set-up and adjustment. Maybe you want to know that follow-up is being provided by people who don’t see it as a job, but rather as how they serve.

RSS was designed to offer each person who calls or walks through the door the personal, one-on-one attention they deserve. Focused, undivided attention. Attention that continues until the question is answered, the product or service is clearly explained or the issue is resolved.

RSS’s customers will tell you that frustration disappears once they’re working with staff members who truly care.

RSS even offers telemedicine appointments so you can meet with the healthcare practitioner you need: a nurse practitioner, respiratory therapist, clinical sleep educator, sleep technologist, Sleep Specialist physicians or asthma or COPD educator. They’re all conveniently available to you on HIPAA-compliant channels for face-to-face appointments.

Conquering the Cost

Resolving respiratory and sleep issues is a costly proposition. (And it’s not as if you can decide you’d rather buy a new flat-screen TV with the money.) Delaying treatment will only put extra strain on the rest of your body. It can even go so far as to put your life at risk.

RSS knows that. That’s why it offers cost-effective, in-home sleep tests at a fraction of the cost of having them done in a sleep lab. (This service is even more valuable for the home-bound, the elderly or those with chronic illnesses.)

That’s also why it researches the market to find the best products—whether devices, supplies, accessories or replacement parts—at the best possible prices. And RSS works hard to pass any savings on to you.

About Danielle Vulpis, the Inspiration behind RSS

Respiratory & Sleep Solutions Clinic is the life-long dream of Danielle Vulpis. She began her healthcare career as a respiratory therapist in 1987. For the next 12 years, Danielle served as a trauma nurse in a hospital, working in respiratory, burn, open-heart and NICU in various states and countries.

By 2001, Danielle’s interest started shifting from the hospital setting to home care. She saw the growing need for competent home care at a professional level. She saw sleep apnea, asthma and COPD affecting more and more people each year. She also saw an opportunity to put her strong clinical skills to use.

She obtained her certification as a Clinical Sleep Educator from the BRPT. Today she is a respiratory care practitioner who has nearly 34 years in the medical field. She is licensed through the NBRC and the State of Montana. She’s a member of the AARC, MSRC, and MSS.

In 2013, Danielle created the respiratory clinic now known as Respiratory & Sleep Solutions L.L.C. Here she could put into practice all the elements she found missing in other environments. As its Director of Respiratory & Sleep Therapy, she oversees all respiratory therapists and sleep technologists.

In creating RSS, Danielle could help other healthcare professionals expand their practices while serving patients with “old-fashioned service and care.” By managing the operation well, and by hiring the right in-person staff members and telemedicine providers, she could offer the best service at the best price anywhere.

RSS is headquartered in Missoula, MT, and serves that entire state. It also has locations in New York, Florida, and Arizona, and is expanding into other states.

So whatever your respiratory or sleep-related need, Respiratory & Sleep Solutions Clinic is here to serve you. At a time when affordable healthcare is more of a slogan than a reality, RSS can help with all forms of CPAP devices, oral appliances, nebulizers, High Frequency Chest Wall Oscllation (HFCWO) VESTS, etc.—and with all the education, therapy and supplies that surround them.

Let us help you breathe!