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Premium quality multi layered reversible memory foam CPAP pillow.

Anyone who uses a CPAP Mask will understand the benefits of using a Best in Rest Memory Foam CPAP Pillow! A must have for users that want to experience the most restful sleep during their CPAP therapy.

The Best in Rest Memory Foam CPAP Pillow was designed to specifically give you a better night's sleep while wearing your CPAP Mask, making your breathing easier by alleviating pressure from your mask.

Another great feature that this CPAP Pillow has to offer is the adjustable height option, you can remove the middle layer to have a flatter pillow, whatever your choice, this pillow gives you the option to choose the height that makes you the most comfortable.

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Moulds to the best shape of your body to reduce pressure points and help you achieve the most comfortable position with a straight spine & neck.
Specifically designed to encourage easier breathing by alleviating pressure from CPAP mask
Infused with herbal green tea for the purest therapeutic sleep
Cooling gel infused memory foam with mint & charcoal
reduces perspiration
Ventilated memory foam promotes air circulation
Adjustable Pillow height


Easy care luxury 100% cotton pillow case

2 Year Warranty

Size 33 x 61 cm / 13 x 24 inches

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