During the past nine years that I have used a CPAP, I have consulted with four different CPAP technicians. The first, in Albuquerque, gave me no advice or help what-so ever. After moving to the Bitterroot Valley here in Montana, I used 2 other therapists, both who seemed not interested in me as a person and many times I wondered why they chose this as a profession. After much frustration, I discovered that Danielle was a therapist nearby and am eternally grateful that I found her. Besides teaching me how to clean my equipment, reminding me when replacement tubing is due, etc., (something the other therapists failed to do), she clearly cares about my health. For Danielle, her work is not viewed as a “job” but as a way of service to others. I am so very grateful that I found a therapist that I can trust.
Sincerely, Sherry, Corvallis

What can I say, you know the phrase ”You win some and you lose some” Well i won the lottery!! when Danielle came into my life. Before Danielle became my Respiratory Therapist i was given a mask my machine that was it!! and out the door he sent me!! This women knows what she is talking about she knows her stuff and i can not recommend her to enough family members and friends, in state and out of state! she just doesn’t talk to you but with you, so you know what is happening with your breathing and why it is so important for you to know all the facts not just her. I can not THANK HER ENOUGH!! THANKS DANIELLE!!!!
Serena H., Victor

I moved to the Bitterroot Valley from a fairly large town in Montana. Several years before I moved, I had a sleep study done. Even though they were available, I was given a CPAP machine that did not have Smartcard capabilities. Every six months I received a questionnaire asking the same questions. I was never called for a follow-up visit, no one ever checked my machine to be sure it was maintaining adequate pressure and when I felt I needed supplies, I would call them. I was never informed about anything new that was available. After my move, I was able to locate a good doctor. He referred me to Danielle for a follow-up on my sleep apnea. He said there were others but, in his opinion, she was the best. I had a new sleep study done and Danielle made sure I received a CPAP machine with a Smartcard so she could follow my progress. I either saw her personally or we talked on the phone each month. She checked to be sure the pressure in my CPAP machine was correct and that I was happy and doing well with the machine. There is always something new on the market that might be better and she keeps me informed. She has been the difference between night and day!
Alice L, Stevensville

So, I needed a nebulizer to start these breathing treatments my doctor told me it would help me out. I don’t have any insurance & went to a few places around town. These machines are expensive! Yah, I need it to breathe so I had to pay. Well, a friend said she goes to this place RSS & they have great prices. I thought, what the hell, I’ll stop by there and see. Well, first of all, literally everyone in this place was SO NICE! So, I give them my prescription & the lady brings me out a nebulizer. it has a 5-year warranty!! AND is literally 1/2 the price I have been getting all over town!! Then she says to me “since yours medication is not filled yet, just give us a call when you get it & we will come out to your house and do the 1st treatment with you”  ARE you kidding me??? These people go beyond any service I have ever gotten anywhere!!!! Will be doing ALL my business with them from now on!! LOVE these guys!!!
Andy Z., Missoula, MT.

I saved over $1800 working with Danielle at Respiratory and Sleep Solutions.  The take-home sleep test was easy to get set up and use and they were patient with me while showing me how to get it connected correctly.  The testing hardware really was not that uncomfortable and I got sleep in my own bed.  I woke up and dropped the unit back to them the next day.
The results from the take-home sleep test provided my doctor with same the information she needed to make recommendations for my treatment as the hospital test…all for way less than what the hospital and insurance wanted to charge! I would definitely recommend using these guys if you need a sleep study.

Dan P., Missoula

I was very nervous to have a sleeping test done and was told by my doctor it would be around $3,200.00 give or take to go to the hospital to have it done. He told me about Respiratory & Sleep Solutions and I found them on Facebook and called them, The girl that answered the phone was just so sweet to me & had one of the therapists get on the phone to answer all my questions & I told her I would think about it. She also offered to get the prescription for me that I needed to have to do the test, so very convenient! Well, I decided to have the test and the girl that did the test on me was extremely patient, I was very nervous & she calmed me right down. it really was no big deal that I had made of it in my mind. Thank you all for your patience, explanations, and saving me so much money to boot!  I will be recommending you to everyone i hear that needs one of these tests. Also, thank you for saving me over $900.00 on my sleep machine and the supplies I need for it. You won me over & will you mail me everything I might need in the future.
Sincerely, Linda D., Arizona

No-one could be more helpful than Respiratory & Sleep Solutions LLC in ensuring that your sleep is wonderful! Respiratory & Sleep Solutions is passionate about good, healthy sleep and spends time and energy to ensure that every person is catered for. They were happy to try more than one mask with me to make sure that I was comfortable and happy – even after weeks of having the first mask!

My sleep is deeper and I wake much refreshed when I use my mask, not to mention all the other health benefits!

Cheers! Scharyn W.  Victor, MT.

I get all my CPAP supplies through Respiratory & Sleep Solutions Clinic because I love the great service and the care that is shown for my personal health.  Danielle is always willing to help find options for masks or other related products that might help make it easier on the patient.  With the wonderful service and extremely competitive pricing, I don’t know why anyone goes anywhere else!
Heidi Z., Montana

Absolutely the most caring, knowledgeable, & respectful company & most importantly people I have had the pleasure of dealing with in a long time! They all care about every single question you have no matter how trivial it may seem! I would recommend Danielle & her staff a thousand times over!!

Shannon T. Lewistown, Montana

Needed to get compression socks and a 4 wheeled walker for my dad. Best pricing in town and service by far! So glad my friend told me about them. Really knowledgeable staff too, patient with me. Will be going here from now on!
Danielle P. Lolo, Montana

My experience with Respiratory & Sleep Solutions Clinic thus far has been one of the most, if not THE most comfortable experiences that I have ever had when it comes to dealing with my health, Extremely professional, straightforward, simple to understand, patient and personal.

I have dealt directly with Danielle since the first time I had an appointment at RSS, she set me up with the equipment to do my sleep test at home, she showed me step by step how to put on the equipment, told me exactly what we would be finding out from the test, and was on top of every little detail throughout the whole process.

Since then she has been extremely patient and willing to help in whatever way possible. They stay on top of the machine maintenance, doing regular checks to make sure everything is working properly, they make sure you have all of the fresh new supplies you need to ensure your CPAP is working as best that it can, and they remind you whenever ANYTHING needs updated or replaced.

Danielle is one of the most genuine people I have ever had the pleasure of being acquainted with in a professional environment. She is extremely knowledgeable, honest and more fair than anyone in her field. Her concern is that you are healthy, i have had many conversations with her about the people she has impacted in the past and it is so very clear that she just does what she does to help people however she can.

I would recommend Respiratory &  Sleep solutions to ANY person that thought they needed ANY kind of attention for their respiratory health or sleep issues. I will continue to be a patient of theirs for a long, long time.

Benjamin D. Bozeman, MT.

A more experienced and knowledgeable staff you will not find.  The customer service goes above and beyond each time, every time. Dependable and willing to meet each customer’s health care needs.  I would recommend them to anyone.  They are affordable and can ship products anywhere.  You will not find another company like this.
Barbara Brokl, RRT
Great Falls, MT.

Thoroughly professional,  superb customer service,  knowledgeable, and experienced. Simply the best in the field.  

Anthony Dioguardi,  D.M.D,  Diplomate ABDSM, Connecticut

I am very impressed with Respiratory & Sleep Solutions Clinic. I really appreciate all the helpful information, tips, and advice I have received from their company. I highly recommend them.
Amy R., Neosho, MO

So easy to deal with & extremely educational! We had a telemedicine visit & now I am on the road to success with my sleep therapy equipment. I must say, they have the best prices too, I called all over but it is such an advantage to have service & medical experts like these people on my side. I really feel like they take excellent care of me & are always just a phone call away. Oh, and ALWAYS call me back the same day! My last company I dealt with never called me back.  Thank God for these guys!!

Mike S., Sedona, AZ.